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Where we pay a high cash amount for your gold, diamonds, jewelry, broken/scrap gold, cameras, electronics, tools, musical instruments, designer handbags, and most other items of value. We provide a safe and reliable solution for your short-term cash needs. Our pawn shop has been serving the community since 1990, offering a range of services to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

We offer a low 1% interest loan on all loans under $2,000,

California regulates all pawn loans which establishes a 5-month period for all loans with an additional 10 days to notify the pawn customers. California also regulates the charges establishing the maximums that can be charged for all loans under $2,500.00 dollars. At BP our established rates are below the State’s maximums and all our loans are held for 5 months long, which includes a 5-month term and a 10-day grace period.  For our valued customers we also offer special discounted loans. Our low 1% interest loan is available for all loans under $2,000. These loans have a short-term option of 1 month, for this first period the interest is capped to 1% of the amount borrowed, additional fees may apply making it a convenient and affordable option for our customers.

 We do not want you to lose your valuable assets.

We consider what you pawn as valuable assets that you should preserve. We make every effort to help you avoid losing your merchandise. We send electronic notices, we send additional reminders and we call to help you avoid losing your merchandise.

The best pawn option around.

Choose BP Diamonds and Loans in Oceanside California for a reliable and secure solution to your short-term cash needs. We are your best choice in the area we charge less and offer more time. We do not want to see you loose youre valuable assets. Our commitment to providing excellent service and ensuring the safety of your items makes us the best choice for your pawn needs. Come and look around. It will be worth your drive.